What is tarot?

The tarot is a game composed of 78 cards whose origin dates back to the middle of the 15th century in Northern Italy, though it is believed that they are older, dating back to Ancient Egypt. The typical deck includes 22 Major arcana and 56 Minor arcana which are divided into 4 suits (Wands, Cups, Pentacles, and Swords); in each suit, the cards go from the number 1 (the Ace) to the 10 followed by 4 court cards: the Page, the Knight, the Queen, and the King.

There are many variations of the classical deck, using different depictions that can add nuances and meanings to the interpretation.

In practice, the tarot is made of symbols that illustrate the evolutionary path of the human being, from birth to the full realization of the self.

The cards are used for several practices such as divination, intuition, and deepening the knowledge of the self. Contrary to popular opinion, divination is not the primary art of tarot, it is just one aspect of a far more complex and ancient discipline that aims at awareness and knowledge.

Tarot can give you a picture of the present, helping you to understand what may happen if you decide or don’t decide to make a change in your life.

Tarot is an extraordinary tool for knowing the self since it acts as a mirror that can offer help and profound healing to those who use it.

What can I expect from a tarot reader?

  • At Ess Sea Tea Tarot make sure to approach each session with a high vibration when we feel in alignment and spiritually in tune with ourselves.
  • We interact with the cards and work as mediators between their symbols and what lies beyond rational thinking.
  • Through our services, we offer kindness and we aim to support you through your journey.
  • We stay objective, which means we only tell you what we see in the cards. The readers won’t project their own advice or their own beliefs into the message.
  • This is a non-judgmental place, anyway whenever we see a situation that doesn’t serve your highest good or a behavior that does you a disservice we will reserve the right to warn you or gently scold you.
  • We believe that it is always possible to give a positive spin to a tarot reading, even when some disappointing message has to be conveyed. This is because we all go through difficult times, but there are always valuable lessons to learn from every experience, and there are always ways in which we can grow.
  • Our aim is to provide spiritual guidance to help you build a fulfilling future, not to tell you predictions that are set in stone.
  • We are here to help you get rid of repetitive patterns and cycles or problem that make you feel psychologically entrapped.
  • We don’t give advice about things we don’t know about.
  • We will never tell you we can fix your problem or offer solutions for a certain sum of money. This is called scamming and it’s unethical.
  • We will never ask you for money for additional services stating that you need them. You are free to come to us and ask for any service that you deem helpful.
  • Excellent tarot readers not only give you answers but first of all establish their own boundaries and ethics; you can know more about our ethics and the Questions we don’t take in this page.
  • We do not hold ourselves responsible for how clients decide to behave in their life after receiving one of our services.
  • You can use the Contact section to ask for any clarification you need regarding our services that you don’t find here or if you’re indecisive about what service to purchase. We can give you advice on the service that would serve you best based on your needs.

What can tarot do for me?

Tarot can give you a glimpse of the energies of the present. It can help you see aspects that are invisible to you at the moment, and it can reflect a series of probabilities given the conditions that are there at the time the reader is pulling the cards. Tarot can be defined as a mirror of a certain situation, it is a tool to gain insight and reflect on the decisions you make, and it can show you pathways that lead with a certain probability to an outcome. Remember that some circumstances can always change depending on your actions and the way things turn out is basically up to you.

Is tarot a serious thing?

You should take it neither too seriously nor be dismissive towards it. Consult the tarot as if you were asking for advice from a trusted friend. While you take everything with a grain of salt, be respectful of this practice and the time and energy the readers put into it. Keep in mind that skepticism will inversely affect your capacity to formulate a precise question and establish a bond of trust with the reader. When asking for a reading, be sure you’re willing to give the message some credit and come to us with an open attitude.

Is there anything I need to do before asking for a reading?

Before coming to us, ground yourself and breathe. It is normal to turn to a reader when you’re feeling lost and confused; if you relax, you will have the mental clarity necessary to formulate a clear question.


What questions can I ask tarot?

The best questions are those that aim at receiving clarity on problems or issues that you are not able to face with your mind alone. When you feel emotional, overwhelmed, and overtaxed it can be hard to see solutions and find a way out. Sometimes all we do is keep going around in circles in our heads or mull the same thoughts over. Cards are objective and can help you with various topics: love, relationships, career, life’s purpose, education, choices, changes, crossroads, family dynamics, and spiritual healing. Cards can also confirm some of your own intuition about a situation thus giving you the confidence to make your decisions.

How to ask a good question.

The best questions to ask tarot are open-ended. Avoid all those questions that start with “Will I” because it is only up to you to decide what to do in your life. These questions can easily be turned into better ones by rephrasing them in this way: instead of asking “Will I get X” >  “What do I need to get X”, “Tell me what I need to know about the situation”. All the WH- questions are probably good questions since they allow the tarot to give you a picture of the present so that you can decide to redirect things if you please. The reader will automatically rephrase some of your questions so that they can work with the best type of question that will give you the information that you really need.

Questions we don’t take.

  • Questions that will take away your free will.
  • Questions about curses, hexes, and bad energy.
  • Concerns about other people hating you or cursing you. Eventually, we can turn these questions into empowering ones (such as “How can I be a better person? How can I improve my personal relationships?).
  • Questions about entities, ghosts, and the deceased.
  • Contacting a dead person. Here we don’t offer mediumship services.
  • Foreseeing your death.
  • We don’t cast spells, so don’t ask for this kind of service.
  • Third parties. Eventually, we can turn these questions into empowering ones (such as “How can I heal from jealousy and negative thoughts? What is the best course of action I can take in this situation?).
  • Yes or no questions which require a straight yes or no without the buts and ifs. While it is common practice among tarot enthusiasts to ask yes-no questions, the tarot is more helpful when it comes to in-depth analysis of a situation and building a narrative. Keep in mind that it is always very important to allow the cards to leave you some room for your own choices.
  • Lottery numbers.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Legal matters.
  • Health. While tarot can bring attention to a certain concern, it doesn’t predict these outcomes. For any health issues, please seek medical advice.
  • Tarot is not a substitute for therapy. Since we care for your well-being, if you suffer from mental illness or need psychological support, the best thing to do is to consult a professional.

How much information should I provide in my question?

You don’t need to provide too many details, but you should give the context and explain your concern with accuracy, since the more accurate the question, the more precise the reading. If you give a clear idea of your main concern, the cards will answer with honesty and the best accuracy.

What does the reader do with my personal information?

The reader won’t share details of your life or of your personal situation with anyone else. All your information will be used only for the aim of providing the service.

How often should I ask for a tarot reading?

Asking repetitive questions about the same issues? What you may not know is that it is a sign of stress and anxiety. Once you get your reading, don’t rush to another tarot reader asking the same question. After the reading, take time to absorb the message and reflect upon the response given by the cards. Be a good listener and accept that the cards may be giving the message you need to hear, instead of what you expect or want to hear.

How often should I consult a tarot reader regarding the same issue?

If the reader has set a time frame for the outcome, wait until that time. If the reading was partially predictive, you should wait to see how things develop from there. In general, we recommend waiting at least six weeks to a couple of months before coming back to ask about the same issue. In any case, it is advisable to have experienced some important changes since the previous reading.

What to do if I’m not satisfied with a reading?

We guarantee the satisfaction of our clients 100% and it’s quite rare to get negative feedback. But there can be cases where you may not feel enthusiastic about the response, especially if it was an answer you didn’t want to hear. It is important to discern between a good reading that may give you an undesired answer and a bad or unethical service. Even when you’re not pleased with the answer, we suggest you evaluate why and introspect a little about the underlying reason why you’re feeling this way. Resist the urge to ask the same question over again or turn to another reader, take some time to digest the reading, and reflect upon the meaning of the messages.

What if my reading doesn’t resonate?

What is contained in the message may not have happened yet. You have to give it the time to play out. The tarot only predicts what can be seen at that moment. Remember, dear seeker, nothing is set in stone; people have the power to make decisions and they are free to change their minds. Another possibility is that the cards offer a point of view of the situation that you’re not considering at this time. Again, take some more time to evaluate.


How can I get a tarot reading on Ess Sea Tea Tarot?

  • Click on the service you want to purchase. Some products include subcategories you can choose from.
  • If you’re a new client, you’ll be asked to fill in some information.
  • From your cart, you can enter your coupons if you have any.
  • After the purchase, you will get an email confirming that your order has been received and a statement of all the information.
  • A second email will give you access to your personal account.
  • In your personal area, you will be able to track the status of your order: it will be “on hold” until we take it. The status will be marked as “processing” after confirming that your inquiry aligns with our ethical guidelines (see Questions we don’t take) and as “completed” after the delivery.
  • Your reading(s) will always be accessible in your personal area. All your readings will be saved here to be consulted again at a later date.


  • In this area, you can easily track the status of your order(s).
  • Your personal area stores all your readings with no expiration date. In this way, you can view your reading at any time.
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  • In this area, you can check if your coupons are still valid or have expired.
  • Exclusive readings and offers will be visible in your personal area.



We don’t give refunds, since we took our time and energy to provide the service.

Can I cancel my order?

Once you place an order it can’t be canceled. Team Ess can eventually decline an order for ethical reasons when the inquiry doesn’t comply with our guidelines. By accessing your personal area, you can track the status of your orders or see if an order has been declined. You will be notified by email when the status of your order(s) has changed.